The Record & CD Fair in Exeter is a well established venue within the heart of Devon.

Debuting at St Sidwell's Church Hall in 1980, when an average price for a rare record was 15, this fair has progressed over the years, and is the main event for music collectors within the South West (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset).  In fact, due to many of the larger fairs elsewhere taking a set-back in more recent times with the advent  of the internet,  Exeter's Fair is now probably on par with most other similar events held up and down the country. Is certainly one of the longest established within Europe, having always enjoyed a regular schedule.

Happening  approximately bi-monthly at the Corn Exchange (the revised name for St George's Hall !), is within the center of Exeter, and there is always a good cross-section of stock on offer; both in vinyl and, reluctantly, compact disc!  Everything from Rock 'n' Roll to Punk; Stones to Stereophonics, etc. Music DVD's, pop magazines, sheet music, other ephemera, are also present,

The hall is well lit electrically, and also having good natural lighting. The foyer is a quiet, relaxing area, with refreshments available, so that one can rest a while in between scouring the dealer's boxes!  There is a record shop in Exeter with a good selection of second hand and reissue vinyl in town, Rooster Records. This is s a mere 50 or so yards walk from the venue.

Exeter itself has interesting features, such as the excellent Museum, the Underground Passages, and of course the Cathedral. A pleasurable walk can be enjoyed along the riverside and canal, where, if one is feeling energetic, during the better seasons hire a canoe or bicycle . So, all in all, quite an interesting and enjoyable day out can be had by all.

Exeter Cathedral                                  The Quayside  


Please email fairs @ peter. com if you have any inquiries
regarding attending this fair as a collector or a dealer


9.30am ~ 4pm  *  Admission charge is just 1 

(Trade Entry from 8am is 3)

Remaining 2014 Schedule:

  Nov. 8th
All dates are Saturday

There is an independent web site for the Exeter Fair.



It's no use looking for PC Percy to get directions, as he's retired (Exeter has lost an institution!), so..
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