Information regarding dispatch of orders to non-UK destinations

Duration data has been assessed by client acknowledgement of receipt of item. 

Timings are an 'average'. In many instances the duration will be one day less than as stated.

Note that if 2 or 3 packages are posted at the same to one address, it is possible that they will arrive at their destination on separate days.

R0YAL MAIL and PARCEL F0RCE are, technically, separate companies, but as the packages are handled by the same persons, then it is basically the same service!

If you reside in a 'remote' area, and that your package is a 'parcel', then it is possible that it can be held over by your local depot until it becomes viable to deliver (i.e. other addresses within the area to call on!).


Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden = 4 days

Italy, Spain = 6 days

Japan = 4 days

Australia = 6 days

America, Canada = 6 days

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