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S P A M  !  = rhymes with S C A M !

Set out by yours truly, with no motive for profit or gain !


If you are new to the Internet and the email system, the following information provided may be use to you.

Basically, you can only receive spam if you have an email address that actually exists! Logical?

To find out whether a specific email address is registered with an Internet Service Provider (known as ISP), persons who spend their time sending out junk and spam mail will use a programme that will contain literally 1000's of email addresses. This programme can send out to multiple email addresses at one click of a mouse. Sometimes you will see some the other email addresses that have been bombarded, situated at the top of the email that you have received, other times it appears that it has only come to you, but this is not so. You are not privileged! Far from it.

So how did they know your email address? Well, it is possible that 'they' did not. The programme used chooses multiple permutations of an existing (true) email address. As an example, someone early on registers with BT and is given or chosen an email address. Say they are called Richard. So, it is quite good to have as near s personal email address as possible isn't it?  Like richard . Actually, no! The next Richard will want the next best thing, so he may choose richard2 As so it goes on. This is dead easy for those spammers to search out email addresses like this. I should know, as I now receive many each day!  So for starters, have an email address that is quite unique to yourself.

Okay, so you receive a junk email. It states within it that if you do not wish to receive any more from this company to click onto a web address to register the fact. Well, aren't they considerate? Really?!  It is highly probable that in doing so, all you are doing is acknowledging the fact that your email address exists, i.e. valid. If the email was sent out as a random address, then it is hopeful that you do not have many more come through from the same person. Once you confirm that your address exists, this will be sold on to block programmes for the use of emails that are guaranteed to exist!


Today you turn on your pc, and log on to accept the latest emails. There are 24 new ones. You click onto each one to read. One states that your bank details are incorrect, and are requesting that you click to go online to confirm your personal details. This is 'spoof spam'. The web site will appear to be the bank's, but is not. You fill in the appropriate boxes and click. Well done. Next time you go to your account it is possible (actually, most likely) that either you have no money left, or that you are overdrawn by several thousand pounds! Get the picture? Nearly...

If you receive any type of email that appears to come from a bank, building society, money transaction service, credit card company, on-line auction company, do not in any way respond. if you are concerned that it could be genuine service (highly unlikely) contact the company by telephone (not the number given on the email - it's dodgy also!) or email them via their own web site (no, not the link that has been provided via the email !).

Next there are the emails that contain a file for one to click onto to open. NEVER open these. it could wipe out your pc. The only files to open are those that are sent from a friend or a known business associate, and then only when you know that you were due to receive one. Use a code word with the sender, changing this each time.  This is because there are programmes that can read your files, and emails sent out. A spam email may look genuine at first glance because it has included a word in the subject box that you yourself used. 

Listed here are some examples that are from my own incoming box, unopened emails because I know that they are all rubbish. These are all typical 'Subject' of junk and spam email. "re" is an obvious use of word, as it appears that you have already corresponded ~ look at the email address. Does it match any that you sent?

      blank (no subject whatsoever) * also applies to no sender's address
      just 'Re' is the same as blank
Re: your Bill
Re: your document
Here is the document
re: your enquiry
Re: you picture
re: your text
re: Details

(23)  message  (45)           
numbers either side of words
22-    message              
       commencing with a number
Re:  message                                     
Re:  Thanks! 
hi   no message
Final warning...
Please confirm your details
Important! Your payment is overdue
update required
read immediately
virus warning
warning payment overdue
you have a virus
your order is ready
Question for seller  
this appears to come from an on-line auction, and you are led to believe that
                                         it is a genuine error coming to the wrong person. It is another scam from an
                                        outsider to get you to confirm your email address.

With reference to the above messages that can and will be received, always look at the sender's email address. If at all genuine, it will display a full credible address, and not (just) someone's name or the inclusion of your own email address!

Any email subject that refers to porn, saving money, body implants or extensions, potency, etc, is obvious. So are any that are from persons who are illiterate, or slovenly in their grammar.

It is wise to read any that you know are genuine, then delete  all in one go by selecting Ctrl + A, the press delete. This way you are not opening them. By deleting each one individually, you are actually opening.
If you wish to transfer a genuine email into another file box, select Copy Message and choose the file. If you 'drag' it, this will only open up the following (next) unwanted email. Don't risk it!

Tip: set up (add) a new email address, then register this with all the services that need to know - the ones that you use on-line. Then when you receive any supposed notifications from these bodies, you will be able to recognise by the "To" address if it is genuine - or not !

You can obtain programmes that supposedly filter out the bad ones, but it can also filter out genuine emails!
 if your pc does get infected with a unknown virus, it is one big inconvenience, and expense!

A tangled web

Another way to find a valid email address is to use a programme that will search the Internet for web sites that include an email address. To prevent an email being confirmed in this manner, there is only one infallible way to do this, and that is to have one's email address as a jpeg image!  This is okay for private users, but in business this is not so practical. So an alternative is to have the email address in html. This can be achieved by going to        typing in your email address, then copy and paste the results onto your web page.  This will not prevent all spammers from seeking out your email address, but it does cut out around 95% of them!

Where will it all end?

April 2007:
 Okay, now we are in a 'free for all' age... scam-wise that is! It does not matter whether the perpetrator resides in Africa, China, Russia, or Milton Keynes; your hard earned money can disappear overnight courtesy of unscrupulous persons unknown.

You can be the most cautious person in the land, who does not fall foul of bogus emails offering one money just to set up an account and be a third party, accepting payment for the a trust fund, auction payments, etc., but...

..are your Credit/ Debit Card/s details secure? In a word - no. Here are some ways to prevent fraud:

 * signing in and online payments through a website: ensure that the company's site is using
     a secure server. This is identified by https://www  ('s' included)
* ensure that the company does not retain your card details on file (can be accessed by most employees). 
    This option should be available at the time of purchase. 

* unless you are converse with the seller, or their reputation of high standing, 
   do not purchase from countries that are known for their corruption.

* if not desperate to receive goods within 48 hours, pay with a cheque.

Whatever next

I do hope that some of the information set out on this page has been of some use.
 if you have anything further to add that would be interesting and helpful to include here, 
 please feel free to email.

UK Residents: if you require information on :
     Letter Mail Preference Service (stop unsolicited post through your letter box) 
       Telephone Preference Service (stop unsolicited telephone calls, including junk fax)
       + Premium rate telephone no's on your statement that are possibly bogus due to a virus, click here.
Theses are free to register. You should not pay person/ organisation offering the above
services, as it would only be the same on your behalf (i.e. using your personal information).

UK ~ Worldwide Residents: report a bogus email + here that
         purports to be a bank or similar requesting personal data.

Consider yourself

 This section does not refer wholly to scams:

Before downloading ANYTHING from the Internet, decide whether it is actually a necessity or required. Liking to the adage 'if it ain't broke - don't fix it', think about what the actual usage and gain will be. 

One can get very excited about a new concept... that is hype!. But like the latest design of car, let the eager beavers buy the first ones off the assembly line - or in this case, 'download' the preliminary programme. When it becomes apparent what the glitches are, and a revised and updated version is available, along with the relevant report, it should be more secure?  If not - shop around.

Final (top) tip here
on Google's Advance Search facility, type Beware of ...followed by the programme, file, site, service, that you wish to check up on. You will be pleasantly surprised by the information that is available within .05 seconds!

Added 27/ 12/ 07


No extra  files or programmes need to be installed to view this (DESTINY ONE) site! 
No flash media. No annoying PDF Files.

If you find yourself on a site  with  the notification telling you to download a file, and will not let you decline, and it will  not go away (you will not be able to close the window manually) -  reboot your pc immediately (Ctrl + Alt + Delete).. If you cannot, turn off at the mains immediately. When switching back on, your pc will should correct any files you corrupted by doing this action. If asked if you want to return to the last site/s viewed, you must decline / select No.

Added 18/ 05/ 10

If are offered a service by a third party that promises to drive Internet traffic to your business:

In my opinion this is a total waste of money unless you have a business that is in direct competition with similar, you are offering a competitive service and or products, you selling repeat products that are in demand.

Once your site is up and running, with a bit of thought (logic), results via Google's Search facilities should be favourable.
Anyone can pay to have their business top of the tree? No. How can everyone be there? And remember that even if you receive any amount of visitors to your site, they still have to be 'interested' once there!

Useful facilities

Having used Netscape as the Internet Browser for 9 years without any problems, it has to be one of the best facilities for such, with the bonus of being user friendly! However, as from circa March 2008, it appears that Netscape is no longer available as a download. But fear not, Firefox has replaced it, and is virtually the same, having all the easy peasy facilities, plus has a block facility for unwanted pop-ups that prevents around 90% from appearing! Here is the link.

Note that you do not have to uninstall any other that you have installed on your pc, as it will not conflict. When you have decided which one (Browser) is better for you, just select that Browser as your 'default (it will ask you when you next use it).

The Ccleaner programme is a great product for cleaning and removing unnecessary files on one's C drive -and it's free!  Info here.  Tip: select Download Ccleaner now; then Alternative Download. When installed, run it. You can select the files etc you do not want 'cleaned', but to be honest it won't hurt anything if you let it ride (as pre-selected). Warning: do N0T download R e g i s t r y  M e c h a n i c !

Disclaimer: as with all recommendations on the Internet, it is up to the individual to decide whether a download is deemed safe and useful. Your pc should give you the option to decline prior to any downloading. If not, someone has overridden the
provision. If not 99.9% sure about any such download, Save To Disc rather than directly onto one's pc.

If you do decide to download a free Internet service or facility such as screensavers, you only have yourself to blame
 when you then receive countless unwanted pop-ads, etc.


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    Peter Rice

- - - - - - - -

Aug 2008:
The latest phishing emails have the usual verbal diarrhea, but now include links
to genuine websites in attempt to convince the reader that the scam is believable.
Note that the grammar and spelling are now improved.


Greetings from me and my family.

Getting your contact was not an easy task because since I am not computer
literate, I ordered my son to seek a partner very far away and he went to the
institute of International Business to apply and he paid them the charges. My name
 is ROH DAE-JUNG, The brother of GENERAL. ROH TAE-WOO, the former President
of South Korea, He was hand-picked by the ex-general Chun Doo-hwan to succeed
him as president in 1988 to 1993, triggering large pro-democracy rallies in
Seoul and other cities in 1987. In response, Roh agreed to hold democratic
presidential elections, making himself a viable candidate for the next
election. Opposition supporters, in pronounced regional voting, split their
vote between two candidates future presidents Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung,
making Roh the first elected president of the post-military rule era.

Roh's rule was notable for hosting the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and for his
foreign policy of nordpolitik, which represented a major break from previous
administrations.  After taking office in 1993, Roh's successor Kim Young-sam
led an anti-corruption campaign that saw Roh and Chun on trial for bribery. The
two former presidents were later separately charged with mutiny and treason
 for their roles in the 1979 coup and the 1980 Gwangju Massacre. After serving duly,
he was accused of mass embezzlement which ran into billions of won because of
the GREAT OLYMPICS 1988 which brought Korea to the world lime light, and was
arrested but released after long years of incarceration and now under
scrutiny.Before my brother's was overthrown, I secretly siphoned the sum of 30
million United States Currency out of Seoul and deposited the money with a
security firm that transports valuable goods and through diplomatic means.I am
contacting you because I want you to deal with the security company and claim
the money on my behalf since I have declared that the consignment belong to my
foreign business partner. You shall also be required to assist me in investment in your country.

I expect you to declare what percentage of the total money you will take for
your assistance. When I receive your positive response I will let you know
where the security company is and the payment pin code to claim the money which
is very important.we do not want the government of my Country to know about the
money because they will believe I got the money from my brother while he was
still in office as president .Once you confirm the receipt of the money ,I will
come over with my Children to your Country or any Country in Europe to start a
new life with my Family. As soon as payment is effected, and the amount
mentioned above is successfully transferred into your account, we intend to use
our own share in acquiring some estates abroad. For this too you shall also be
our overseas manager of all our properties and you will be paid based on a
certain percentage agreed on by both parties. For now, let all our
communication be by e-mail because my line is right now connected to the South
Korean Telecommunication Network services therefore we can not take the chances
of being heard.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Roh Dae-Jung.

Or this type of email:

Sept 2009: email received, with attachment.
1: sender not known
2: item not ordered
3. anonymous email and content

Open at one's peril !


Thank you for shopping at our internet shop!
We have successfully received your payment.

Your order has been shipped to your billing address.
You have ordered "HP Pavilion Elite M9550F".

You can find your tracking number in attached to the e-mail document.
Please print the label to get your package.

We hope you enjoy your order!
Customer Service.

Another example

Dear Customer!

Thank you for ordering at our online store.
Your order: Sony VAIO A1133651A, was sent at your address.
The tracking number of your postal parcel is indicated in the document attached to this letter.
Please, print out the postal label for receiving the parcel.

Internet Store.


Another example

The courier service was not able to deliver your parcel at your address.
Cause: Mistake in address
You may pickup the parcel at our post office personally.
The delivery advice is attached to this e-mail.
Print this label to get this package at our post office.
Please do not reply to this e-mail, it is an unmonitored mailbox!
Thank you,
DHL Global Forwarding Service


The end of you life on the computer here ?

Basically, delete any email immediately that is unsolicited

Also, ensure you delete from the Trash Folder any that also included an attachment,
as this can still interfere with the current behaviour of your computer!

ps. If you want to save big money, please forward 50 to the address
on the contact page. For this amount you will be told how
not to begin to think you are the privileged one who
is going to earn 500+ a month part-time just
by sitting at home in front of your pc!

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