This project is dedicated to the late Francis Coudrill, and his creation 'Hank The Cowboy'.
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Auctioned in 1991

Personal interest in acquiring one or two original Hank The Cowboy drawings was stimulated by the reminisce of, at a very young age, walking half a mile to the newsagents every week to buy my initial regular weekly periodical, ‘TV COMIC’, in which Hank appeared. That was in the days when adults did not have to worry if their young offspring would be mugged or kidnapped, or the ridiculous concept that anyone over the age of 5 had to carry a communication device ‘just in case’!

Learning of the auction at very short notice, and being committed to running a shop, I decided to break my own rule, and to take a chance and 'buy blind' via the telephone. 

Winning five lots of the six bid on, I was pleasantly surprised when the large package arrived, now having possession of some wonderful original illustrations and effects from ‘The Francis Coudrill Collection’. That was in October 1991.

However, having only recently obtained a copy of the auctioneer's sale catalogue, it is with surprise and sadness to discover that along with Coudrill’s 'Hank' output, over 70 individual paintings, plus another 55 lots consisting of over 350 of his original drawings, all being of abstract, surreal, portrait, etc, were all sold, thus dispersed far and wide.

   Pink Lady with Blue Moon                              Woman On The Shore      

My own acquisitions from the sale incited me to build on this; by purchasing Hank The Cowboy related items that would come to light. Not going out of one’s way, some very delightful items have been found, as you will discover by following the links within this site. There are no fixed collector’s values for Hank memorabilia, as prices tend to very somewhat. Therefore, none are stated within the pages of this project.




The Real Deal

So that you can have a better understanding and appreciation of Mr. Coudrill's handiwork,
here are two complete 1950's television episodes for you to enjoy.  Please email if these
youtube links become invalid, as were initially removed, and these are the revised uploads.

                                   Hank The Cowboy in Hank Rides Again

                                  Hank The Cowboy in Hank And The Dinosaur

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