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                                         MINIMUM ORDER PROCESSED

20 + postage costs is the minimum  payment order that is accepted and processed
if  wishing to pay with a card or paypa1.  Cheques still accepted, but for this the order
to be a minimum of 40.


Since the conception of this website in April 2002 to date, it has been the policy to accept orders of 14 ~ 20 if paying with a card; with cheques for any orders at 20+.

An assessment of this has been conducted, and the result is found that due to quite a few persons covering this period did not follow through with their order by making the payment, it has now been decided that as from now on 20 is the minimum amount that will be accepted and processed. This amount does not include any postage costs incurred

This will allow for:

 1: more quality time given to customers.

 2:  time for the inclusion of more photographs of stock that is for sale. Although 
         this task itself is very time consuming, it is one that I deem as  rewarding
         in respect of presentation and final sales.

3: on request, music files samples can be uploaded to a server if one wishes
     to hear sample quality prior to purchase. This  service will be available for 
     any record priced at 20 or more. 

Thank you for your continued support


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