No, this page is not a spoof !
If any person hotlinks an image from this for their own gain, or includes it in their nonsense blog, 
here are examples of what happens..... each image (incl. duplicates) have a separate name.
The image decided will be on the content where it is going to appear.


..... becomes  



How about this?








If you would like to use a picture or two that will be uploaded onto your own site, please ask!
Many items in stock that an image of can be supplied for a fee.
100% of  monies attained will be used to donate basic educational needs to poor children in the Philippines (of which there are many!) 

If you save an image and upload to your own server, and give credit for it, that's fine .

Please do not hotlink images from this site. The above are 'tame' examples of what WILL happen.
Persons using for own gain (i.e. selling) will be dealt with accordingly. The site is checked on a regular basis. 
If you end up with inappropriate pictures on your own page / site, your administrator could close you down.
If you require information on this matter, please contact your legal representative.

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