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"I wish to place an order. I have a problem with the Copy & Paste into the email box request"


Copy & Paste is requested so that it is clearly understood from the initial email exactly what items are required, and from which page on the site. If your pc will not paste the data into the email box in an orderly fashion, please type the relevant information, including the grade and price.

Of course, you can always manually type the information. 

Here is a useful guide. If you do not wish to order in this fashion, then you can place your order directly over the telephone - see Ordering page.

Tips:    1) On-line, select File - Edit Page. This will open a new Window of the viewed page. The data can now be copied and pasted.

            2) if you paste the data and then find that the frame has extended downwards somewhat, you should
                   be able to reduce this by clicking onto the frame at the bottom and dragging back to the top....

...or     3) try:  Copy the info (line), then within the email box right click and select 'Paste without Formatting'. 
                       Then you can bring each section of info within one line by backspacing

           4) if the font copied is in various colours, paste into the email box, click Ctrl + A to select all, 
                then choose black on your colour chart.

Your Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl + A = Select all
Ctrl + C = Copy (area selected)
Ctrl + V = Paste

Ctrl + F =

Find (with in a web page, or on your own pc's current page being viewed)

If there are any images included in the copied information, it is advisable to delete these, as some programmes will have the facilities to forward images via another source. If a message states that not all components can be forwarded, and asks if you want to send anyway (or words to this effect), select Yes, as this will indicate there is an image within the email. 

Likewise, if it asks if you wish to send in Unicode (particularly if you reside in Asia), select Yes / Okay.

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