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As from October 1st 2008, all dustmen merchants processing card payments that involves receiving and or passing on client's data via one's own computer must be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. This involves quartley checks by scanning (this includes compulsory purchase of software - and then of course regular updates!), filling in (or is out?) declaration forms, bottom inspectors freely permissible to inspect the premises, etc, and having to pay a third party for the privilege of. 

There are books and services advertised that are probably a total waste of money, as information is freely available if one has time, and also there are companies that will assist in all matters, and at a reasonable cost if the card company has redirected the merchant to such. 

But whichever way one decides to look at it, as from the 1st of October the merchant that is selling via mail order and or a website where a shopping cart is incorporated is going to have to pay more for the privilege of receiving money via credit and debit cards. My own guestimation for any merchant who processes through a server within their own computer is going to have to pay an additional 300 plus! How this extra cost is passed on is up to the individual.

Some people make a fortune, others earn a mint

Visa will impose a fine of 5000 to 50,000 on any merchant if a clients' card is 'compromised' due to failure of following guidelines and correct procedures. That would make me flippin...' skint !

Having spent some hours researching and reviewing all this, as from now no payments will be accepted via the email system. So I do not lose the will to live, this here business is sticking to PCI DSS Validation One. Thus:

Payment with a credit or debit  c a r d  will be via the telephone, or PayPal. 

PayPal is on a secure server, and one will not have to be a 'member of PayPal' to pay via this facility. It is there for all to use.

Please be aware that as set out by PayPal's (one of many) rules, the merchant is to await guaranteed clearance of funds before sending goods. It is endevoured to continue with a post-haste service (get it?), thus, at the end of the day, I will determine the risk. That is, unknown clients to myself that PayPal has not immediately verified, in particular on larger orders, might have to wait a few days before the goods are dispatched.

As the norm, the customer is notified when payment has been received, date of dispatch of goods, and where applicable, the tracking number.


The above statements and  information are my personal views, and and here to hopefully assist one or more merchants not to fall foul of the new regulations set out by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council. Further information can be found here.

Added September 2010
One online services that was offering third party payments has had their site shut down. A good lesson for all businesses concerned  --> a website + money transactions + unknown persons = no.

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